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Jubel (Joo-belle, rhymes with bluebell) is a digital artist and family-friendly Twitch streamer best known for her warm personality and fun storytelling.Her spirit animal companion is the chaotic and derpy ermine, and her archnemesis is the malignant tech fairy.When she isn't streaming, merch-grinding, and managing her small business, she is an art therapy intern and masters student.

Fan Art

B A L D U R S · G A T E · 3

F I R E · E M B L E M

L E G E N D · o f · Z E L D A

Creation of Link

22" x 8.5"

Creation of Zelda

22" x 8.5"

Priestess Zelda

11" x 17"

Princess Zelda

11" x 17"

Pioneer Zelda

11" x 17"

E L D E N · R I N G


11" x 17"


11" x 17"


11" x 17"

H O N K A I · S T A R · R A I L

Dan Heng

11" x 14"


11" x 14"


11" x 14"

P O W E R P U F F · G I R L S


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"

Original Art


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"


8.5" x 11"

Rose Nouveau

8.5" x 11"

Peony Nouveau

8.5" x 11"

Lily Nouveau

8.5" x 11"

Small Merch

E N A M E L · P I N S

Derpy Ermine



D U M P L I N G S · A R O U N D · T H E · W O R L D : E N A M E L · P I N S

D U M P L I N G S · A R O U N D · T H E · W O R L D : M A G N E T S

A N I M A L · C R O S S I N G : S T I C K E R S

Artist Alley Application

Dear jury, here you will find an abridged version of the information available on my website. If you would like to see more about me, my art, or my previous AA experience, please feel free to explore the rest of the site.
Thank you very much!

P R E V I O U S · T A B L E S

S A M P L E · T I M E L A P S E


E N A M E L · P I N S

Convention Schedule

U P C O M I N G · C O N V E N T I O N S

July 5-7



Aug 2-4



P A S T · C O N V E N T I O N S

February 2024



October 2023

Twitchcon (Panel)

Las Vegas

August 2023



May 2023

Anime North


Table Displays

Setsucon 2024

VASA Holiday Bazaar 2023

Otakuthon 2023

Premium Table

Anime North 2023

Co-table with Schwa.draws

Convention Commissions

D I G I T A L · C O M M I S S I O N S

S K E T C H · C O M M I S S I O N S


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Emote Commission Status: CLOSED

  • Exaggerated expressions and clear concepts

  • Extensively tested for clarity, function, and spammability

  • Will match pre-existing color scheme upon request

Static emote with simple shading:
$30 per emote

Add complex shading:
+$5 per emote

Emote with simple animation:
$45 per emote
(Max 2 moving parts and/or less than 5 total frames)

Add complex shading:
approximately +$1 per moving part up to max $5

Emote with intermediate animation:
$50 per emote
(Max 3 moving parts and/or less than 10 total frames)

Emote with complex animation:
$55+ per emote
(Requires keyframing, heavy redrawing of frames, 5+ moving parts, and/or 15+ total frames.
Additional cost depends on complexity of request.)

You are more than welcome to pitch your animation idea to me and receive a complexity rating for it at any time!

Portraits & PNGTubers

Portrait Commission Status: CLOSED

  • Original characters, fan art, stylized IRL

  • HQ file at 300 dpi



Bust up:

Waist up:

Potential add ons:

  • $10: Complex accessories (ex. flowers, embroidery, tattoos, armor):

  • $20-40: Specific background elements beyond aesthetic gradient

  • $30: Animal companion

  • 50%: Extra human(oid) character

Terms of Service

  1. PAYMENTS: All payments must be made upfront and in full via PayPal. All prices are listed in USD.

  2. REVISIONS: Two opportunities for revision are provided free of charge. Upon receiving the first draft, the commissioner (client) may ask for linework changes. Upon receiving the second draft, the client may ask for color changes. Any requests for changes beyond these two checkpoints will be denied.

  3. REFUNDS: Commissions are non-refundable once the artist (Jubel) has begun the drafting process.

  4. DEADLINES: The deadline estimate of 2-4 weeks assumes prompt communication between Jubel and the client. A turnaround request of under two weeks will incur a 20% rush fee.

  5. CLIENT RIGHTS: Commissions are intended for personal use only. The client may utilize or post commissions on social media with credit given to one of Jubel's socials (IG/Twitch/Twitter).

  6. ARTIST RIGHTS: Jubel has the right to take legal action against commercial use of a commission. Jubel has the right to refuse a commission request. Jubel retains the right to use a commission for promotional purposes, such as streaming the process on Twitch or posting a watermarked version on Instagram. Jubel retains the right to modify a fan art portrait commission and sell the altered version as a commercial print.

  7. CONSENT: By commissioning Jubel, the client agrees to abide by the terms of service.